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The first park-museum of interactive history in Belarus “Sula” is located 49 kilometers from Minsk on the picturesque shore of the eponymous lake. Here a new world opens up, where the line between the material and the spiritual is blurred, the lost connection with the past is restored…

Products and objects from different eras of the history of Belarus are collected on the territory of the former estate. An installation of the varangian pier has been created in the park. The territory is surrounded by a stockade, and in the center is the elder’s house. Varangian boats are moored on the shore. In the Gothic Quarter, the Sula Tower of the XIV–XV centuries, a blacksmith shop, a stone and pottery workshop have been recreated. In the unique hall of gentry glory, one of the main exhibits is the “Gallery of Coats of Arms”, where the most famous emblems of the Belarusian gentry are collected. Near the preserved chopped house, a Belarusian place has been recreated, where you can visit a herbal pharmacy, a “Jewish house”, a weaving workshop and a museum of the Belarusian batleyka.