St. Joseph’s Church in Rubezhevichi

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The two-towered church with a height of 45 meters was built in the Neo-Gothic style in 1907-1911. The shrine is preserved in its original form. On the towers of the church there are two bells of 1925-1939. The construction of the temple was preceded by an unusual story: at the end of the XIX century, the citizen Anthony Tur really wanted to build a Catholic church in Rubezhevichi. Three times he went to St. Petersburg with a request for permission to build a church. To which he invariably received a refusal. In 1866, Antonio brought a huge stone to the sand hill where he planned to build a temple. On the stone he wrote: “A Catholic church will be built here.” After a while, his wish was destined to come true. There is still a “stone of the Tour” at the main entrance to the St. Joseph’s Church.