Branches of the State Literary and Memorial Museum of Yakub Kolas

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In the small homeland of Yakub Kolas in the Stolbtsovsky district there is a branch of the museum “Nikolayevshchina”, which unites the memorial estates of Akinchitsy, Lastok, Albut and Smolnya. The Akincitsy estate is the first place of service of Mikhail Mickiewicz, the poet’s father, who lived here with his family in 1881-1883. On the territory of the restored estate there is a house with analogs of things used by the Mickiewicz family, as well as objects of peasant life of the late XIX century. The early childhood years of Yakub Kolas (1885-1890) were spent in the Lastok estate. The house and the barn, built in 1885, have been preserved in their original form with minor restoration changes. The Albut Estate is a former forester’s house, where the Mickiewicz family lived in 1890-1904. Kolas spent his childhood and youth years here. From here he went to the national school in Nikolayevshchina vilage, and here he wrote the first poem. The estate has been restored with all the buildings. Smolnya is the former estate of the Mickiewicz family of Yakub Kolas, who lived here since 1910. The poet repeatedly came here, here he continued to work on the poems “New Land” and “Simon the Musician”. On the territory of the estate described in the trilogy “At a Crossroads”, according to the memoirs of Kolas ‘ relatives, the house and its interior, a barn, a threshing floor, farm buildings under thatched roofs, a well “with a crane”, linden trees planted by Kolas in 1911 have been restored.