Historical and Ethnographic Museum

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The Starodorozhsky Historical and Ethnographic Museum has become the hallmark of the city. There are unique expositions that tell about the history of roads and postal services, the way of life of the residents of Starodorozhchina in the late XIX-early XX century. In 2011, an exhibition was created in the museum, telling about how the postal station worked at the end of the XIX century and what the postal service was like. The premises of the postmaster’s office, the blacksmith shop, and the tavern have been recreated here. The stands and showcases archival documents, materials and photographs telling about the history of the city of Old Roads, the development of the postal service, the construction of the Moscow-Warsaw highway and the railway branch Osipovichi-Old Roads of the Libavo-Romenskaya railway. There is also a permanent exhibition “The material and spiritual culture of Belarus-sakun of the early twentieth century.