The Rite of Kupala

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On one of the most mystical holidays of Kupala, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of local residents, numerous guests from other cities and villages come to the agro-town of Ananchitsy. As it should be according to custom, the villagers choose their Kupalinka-a beautiful, hardworking and cheerful girl. Towards nightfall, the villagers go to the river with lit torches to put wreaths on the water. The main attribute of the evening is lit – the Kupala bonfire, through which daredevils jump. Those who jumped higher and did not touch the flame will be happy all year. On this night, one more important custom is observed in Ananchitsy: young men in embroidered shirts carry a decorated raft to the river and let it float on the water. Local residents believe that troubles and misfortunes leave the village together with the raft floating away from the shore. It is also necessary to search for one of the most important symbols of the Kupala night — the fern flower. According to an ancient legend, it is on the night of Ivan Kupala that a fern blooms, and whoever finds this magical flower will be able to see the treasures hidden underground and learn to understand the language of animals.