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The underground departments of the only Republican Speleotherapy Hospital in Belarus are located on the basis of the First Mining Department of JSC Belaruskali. A special microclimate with high air ionization, constant temperature, low relative humidity and the absence of allergens allows treating a huge range of diseases of the respiratory system, skin, nervous system and circulatory system. The value of the Soligorsk speleotherapy is that the silvinite salt layer located next to the halite layer provides 20 times more potassium chloride content in the air than in other similar mines; the large depth of the mine (420 m) provides high atmospheric pressure, which contributes to an increase in the partial pressure of oxygen and better assimilation by the body. Despite the considerable depth, the conditions here are the same as in land-based hospitals and sanatoriums – rest rooms, a medical center, bathrooms, tennis tables, playgrounds for football and volleyball. People from all over the world come to Soligorsk mines to breathe the healing air.