Vankovich Manor

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In the village of Alesino there is a manor complex of the famous noble family of Vankovich. The house has not been preserved to this day, only the farm buildings and the distillery building remain. In the middle of the XIX century, there was a small estate here, where Paulina Monyushko, the granddaughter of the Lithuanian military tribunal judge Stanislav Monyushko, lived. Paulina married Leon Vankovich, a Minsk nobleman who worked in the judicial system. In 1896, a new distillery was opened not far from the manor house. Its production buildings and warehouses were built of stone and high-quality red brick in the style of industrial Art Nouveau. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were more than 150 residents in Alesino, most of whom were employees of the distillery. After the revolution, the estate was renamed the artel “New Life”, which was later transformed into a collective farm. In the early 90s, the plant’s buildings were updated, today the administration of the agricultural enterprise is located here.