Mound of Glory

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One of the most significant memorials to the victims of the war was created for the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus in 1969 and perpetuated the feat of arms of the soldiers of the Soviet Army and partisans. The 35-meter-high hill is based on the land of all the hero cities of the former Soviet Union. Thousands of people joined the creation of the ensemble and brought here handfuls of land from different settlements that were affected during the war. On the top of the hill stands a sculptural composition of four bayonets, which symbolize the fronts that fought for the liberation of Belarus. The base of the bayonets is fastened by a powerful memorial ring, along which bas-relief images of soldiers of all branches of the armed forces and partisans are located. On the inner side of the ring there is an inscription: “Glory to the Soviet Army – liberator!”. At the very top of the Mound there is an observation deck, which is accessed by a concrete multi-stage staircase.