Slutsk Gymnasium

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The history of the gymnasium No. 1 in Slutsk dates back to 1617, when Janusz Radziwill founded a Calvinist school in the city, which today is considered the oldest school in Belarus. In 1838, the wooden building of the gymnasium was replaced by a stone one. Part of this building has been preserved to this day, now it is the building of the Slutsk Gymnasium No. 1. For hundreds of years, the oldest school in the country was the cultural and educational center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Among the famous graduates of “Belarusian Athens” are the compiler of the first Russian-language map of the starry sky Ilya Kopievich, Lithuanian Hetman Janusz Radziwill, writer Olgerd Obukhovich, astronomer Witold Tserasky, design engineer Semyon Kosberg.