Slutsk belts

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The main symbol of the city – the Slutsk belts-were woven here many centuries ago. Belarusian weavers created unique patterns and worked using their own technology. The belt as an expensive wardrobe item was a sign of the upper class. In the XVIII–XIX centuries, belts were made of silk, gold and silver threads. Today, the production of belts in Slutsk continues – RUE “Slutsk Belts” is one of the largest enterprises of artistic crafts in Belarus. There is also a museum of belts, where you can learn more about their history and even watch the work of looms. The regional festival of traditional artistic crafts “Slutsk Belts” is regularly held, which is attended by about 500 craftsmen from different parts of the Minsk region. There is a museum of the history of the Slutsk belts in the city.