“Dukorsky maentak”

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Maentak is translated from Belarusian as an estate or estate. The history of the estate begins in the XV century, and the period of its heyday fell on the XVIII-XIX centuries. The palace was eventually destroyed, until today only the wing and the entrance gate have been preserved. Thanks to a private initiative, the historical buildings were restored. The stable was reconstructed, next to it guests can see an old carriage and agricultural tools. There are four workshops on the territory of the estate – a blacksmith shop, a candle shop, a pottery shop, and a weaving workshop. In each of them, you can buy any item you like or take with you a product made with your own hands. One of the main attractions of the “Dukorsky lighthouse” is the “house of the shifter” – the only such building in Belarus, where all the objects are located on the ceiling, in an inverted state. At its own winery, which is called “distillery” in Belarusian, branded moonshine is made according to an old recipe.