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In the museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies, visitors get into the atmosphere of a provincial Belarusian estate of the XIX century. Here you can get acquainted with folk customs, try yourself as a miller or a blacksmith. In the pottery workshop, you can make household utensils, and in the bakery you can bake a real ruddy loaf. There are also real architectural monuments on the territory of the museum, such as a mill built at the beginning of the XX century. On your own farm and subsidiary farm, you can see rabbits, pigs, sheep, deer, ostriches and wild boars. Visitors can taste local products at the tasting: honey, milk, meat products. The complex has its own small airfield and a fleet of light-engine aircraft Yak-52, Ikarus, Cessna. Brovar is particularly popular – it is a traditional place in Belarus where moonshine was made. Here is one of the few moonshine distillers that has an official license for use. The international festival of medieval Culture and Music “Our Grunwald”, which takes place here, contributes to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Belarus.