Bonch-Osmolovsky Manor

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It is located in the village of Blon and was first mentioned in 1513. At the beginning of the XIX century, the estate belonged to the landowners Osovsky. But after the uprising of 1863, it was confiscated and transferred to the possession of the official Bonch-Osmolovsky. Anatoly Bonch-Osmolovsky had a huge home library, in his spare time he taught literacy to children from poor families. The landowner remained the owner of the village until the arrival of Soviet power in 1917. Now the district museum of local lore is located in the former Bonch-Osmolovsky estate. In 2012, numerous descendants of a noble family from Russia, America, Canada, Germany came here, about 30 people in total. Furniture that once belonged to the Bonch-Osmolovsky family was brought from St. Petersburg, and the study of one of the representatives of the genus was recreated.