Church of the Body of God (farny)

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It was built in 1587-1593 according to the project of the Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni by order of Nikolai Christopher Radziwill “Orphans”. The church was handed over to the Jesuit Order and became the first Baroque building in the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The temple is richly decorated with paintings not only inside, but also outside, which became known after the last restoration. Most of the frescoes were made in the 1750s and 60s by Radziwill artists, among which the figure of K. D. Gessky stands out. In the interior of the church there are many sculptural images — bas-reliefs and busts of tombstones of the XVII-XIX centuries, marble altars and monuments. Above the entrance to the temple there are choirs with an organ. In the basement of the church is the ancestral crypt-the tomb of the Radziwills, which contains about seventy graves of the dynasty. Today, the Farny Church is undergoing a large-scale reconstruction, divided into three stages. The roof was repaired, the facade of the building was restored, engineering networks were replaced, a boiler room was erected to provide the building with heat. The project includes the renovation of the crypt (tomb).