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The National Children’s Educational and Health Center “Zubrenok” opened its doors in 1969. The fame of the camp quickly spread outside the BSSR, it was called “Belarusian Artek” and many children dreamed of getting there. But the ticket was awarded mainly to excellent students and activists. Today, every Belarusian schoolboy dreams of getting a shift at the famous “Zubrenok”at least once in his life. Today, there are more than fifty buildings in Zubrenka with a post office, a pharmacy, a pizzeria, and an Internet cafe. The camp is divided into special neighborhoods with beautiful names “Lake”, “Blue”, “Rainbow”, “Sunny city”, “Star World”, “Forest House”. The pride of “Zubrenka – is the educational and excursion center of the ancient everyday culture of Belarusians “Hutar Nesluch”. In the big square there are “partisan” trails, military equipment and other evidence of the Belarusian heroic past. On hot days, children have the opportunity to relax on the shore of Lake Naroch. For young researchers, a long ecotrope has been laid, which ends with a beaver hut.