Myadel Calvary

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Calvaria is an architectural composition dedicated to the way of the Cross of Jesus Christ. The calvary in Myadel is one of the ten most famous in Europe. The legend of the “Myadel Jerusalem” tells that the owner of the town of Old Myadel, Anthony Koschits, really wanted a son. He had an heir only after Anthony brought the relics of St. Justin from the Vatican. But on one of the walks, nanny Bronislava did not follow the boy and he drowned in the lake. Distraught with grief, his father ordered Bronislava to be walled up alive in a pole, facing the lake. Then, according to legend, the Mother of God appeared to Anthony and pointed to the place where, in atonement for sins, Anthony had to restore the way of the cross of Christ. So in the XVIII century, the Myadel Calvary appeared, in the vicinity of which the ghost of the nanny still wanders to this day. Recently, the Calvary in Myadel was restored -14 stages of the way of the Cross (stations) were restored, each station of which is a small chapel. The path ends on a high hill with three crosses symbolizing the place of the crucifixion of Jesus and the two robbers. This hill is an excellent observation platform with a view of the Myastro and Naroch lakes.