Lake and the village of Svir

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The picturesque lake shares its name with the ancient village of Svir, whose history begins with the 15th century, when the owners of the place were the princes of the Svir coat of arms “Fox”. The brothers Eric and Roman Svirsky were part of the local political elite, signed the acts of the Trotsky (in 1433) and Gorodenskaya (in 1434) unias. In the center of the former town there is a hill, from the top of which there is a picturesque view of the surrounding area. Locals call this hill “Dovmont Mountain”. Local residents claim that there was a pagan temple of Perun, on the site of which the Nalshan prince Dovmont built a wooden castle. And although this is not documented, some researchers of the 19th century considered Svir to be the capital of the Nalshan land.