Yanka Kupala Museums in Vyazynka and Yakhimovshchina

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The creation of the branch of the Yanka Kupala Literary Museum in Vyazynka was led by Vladislava Lutsevich, the poet’s wife and the first director of the museum. The tenants ‘ house has been preserved here, where Ivan Lutsevich, the future national poet of Belarus Yanka Kupala, was born in 1882. The museum has archival documents, letters and poetic lines of Yanka Kupala. The interior of the entrance hall and the room where the Lutsevich family lived was recreated. On the territory of the Vyazynka Nature Reserve, in addition to the house, there are farm buildings, a monument to the poet, a spring, a pond, boulders with lines from Pesnyar’s works carved on them, as well as oaks planted by Belarusian writers for the 100th anniversary of the national poet. On the birthday of Yanka Kupala, poetry festivals are held annually in the reserve, and traditional Belarusian rituals are also held here – Gukanne viasny, Kupala, etc.

The estate “Yakhimovshchina” is one of the few estates of the 19th century that has been preserved almost completely. Today, you can see a distillery, barns, a factory office, a picturesque park, the house where Yanka Kupala lived. In 2001, a branch of the Yanka Kupala Museum was opened.