Monument to the crew of the aircraft of Nikolai Gastello

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Near p.There is a monument to Radoshkovichi on the site of the feat of the crew of captain N. F. Gastello. A dynamic sculptural portrait of Gastello is placed on the 9-meter stele. On the slope there is an inscription: “At this place, the glorious son of the Soviet motherland, the hero pilot N. Gastello, performed an immortal feat.” Below are the names of the crew members and the date-June 26, 1941. Nikolai Gastello sent a downed, flame-engulfed plane to a cluster of fascist cars and gasoline tanks. He was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. The crew of the aircraft included Komsomol members R. M. Skorobogaty, A. A. Burdenyuk and A. A. Kalinin.