The estate of the Drutskys-Lyubetskys

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The estate, located in the village of Novoye Pole, 25 km from Minsk, is an architectural monument of the XIX century. To date, the ice house, the park and the manor house, which was built in the classical style and diluted with Baroque features, have been preserved. Initially, the estate and the surrounding lands belonged to the Oginsky family, then to the Villagers, under whom the main building of the estate building was built in 1820-1828. In the middle of the XIX century, all this heritage passed to the Drutskys-Lyubetskys. The first mention of representatives of the genus dates back to the beginning of the XII century. The founder of the surname is considered to be Prince Boris Vseslavovich of Polotsk, who for the first time secured the right to the principality of Drutsk. The princes of Drutsky-Lyubetsky became famous thanks to their successful political activities and public service.