Minsk settlement

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The archaeological complex of the IX-XI centuries is located near the village of Gorodishche. According to one hypothesis, it was the ancient Mensk, and after it was burned several times, the settlement was moved to the Svisloch and Nemiga rivers. This is one of the most important archaeological monuments of Belarus. High earthen ramparts, which are a thousand years old, have been preserved. Also here you can see the village and burial mounds. Many centuries ago, this place was a real city, surrounded by walls up to ten meters high, where princes, artisans and merchants lived. Archaeologists have found here the remains of dishes, weapons, jewelry, artifacts from Scandinavia, Byzantium and Egypt, and even treasures. The earliest finds date back to the V century BC. Many settlements were concentrated around the settlement-they occupied about 30 hectares in total, and the population density here was one of the highest in the Principality of Polotsk.