Khatyn Memorial Complex

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In the spring of 1943, the village of Khatyn with all its inhabitants was destroyed by the Nazis. The same fate befell 628 Belarusian villages, about 200 of them were never restored. Khatyn has become a symbol of tragedy and sorrow for the people of Belarus. The memorial complex follows the layout of the former village. On the site of each burned house there is a monument-a log house, inside of which there is an obelisk with a bell. In the center of “Khatyn” – a six-meter sculpture “Unconquered”. The image for the sculpture, depicting a man with a dead boy in his arms, was 56-year-old Joseph Kaminsky – the only one who managed to get out of the flames alive. His son died in his arms from wounds and burns.

The memorial complex also includes a Village Cemetery. From 185 burned Belarusian villages, urns with earth were brought here. In the center of the so – called Memorial Square, there are three birch trees, and in the place of the fourth-the Eternal Flame, which symbolizes every fourth resident of Belarus who died during the war.