Dalva Memorial Complex

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On June 19, 1944, the village of Dalva was burned down along with its inhabitants, and 44 people, including 29 children, were killed in the fire. The initiator of the creation of the memorial was the only surviving witness of the tragedy of the village of Dalva, Nikolai Petrovich Girilovich, who devoted his whole life to preserving the memory of his fellow villagers. Opened on July 15, 1973, the complex follows the layout of the former village of Dalva. The composition of the memorial consists of individual elements, freely placed in space, and covers an area of 5 hectares. In 2009, a new exhibition “Dalva: heroism, Tragedy, Mercy” was created on the territory of the memorial, where archival photos and documents telling about the history of the village since the end of the XVII century are collected.