Mortgage weaving

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The technique of embedded weaving of red and white handbrakes is listed in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values of the Republic of Belarus. In the village of Semezhevo, Kopylsky district, red and white towels were woven until the end of the 80s of the last century. There is an opinion that the existence of mortgage equipment in the Kopyl region is connected with the former production of wallpaper and carpets in tapestry technology at local manufactories, since they are very similar. In Semezhevo and now in many houses you can see large collections of woven products. A significant place is occupied by things woven by mortgage technology, which was called “old-world weaving”, or “old-world bumping”, and in Semezhevsky — “at matrusha”. In 2010, within the framework of the joint project of the European Union and the UN program “Sustainable Development at the local level”, the “School of Weavers”began working on the basis of the Weaving Center.