Caroling ceremony “Tsars”

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The traditional New Year’s folk circumambulation rite is listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list and takes place annually on January 13 in ag. Semezhevo. According to local legend, in the 18th century, a military hospital of the Russian army was stationed in the vicinity of the village and before the New Year, soldiers and officers went to the homes of local residents, showed scenes and received gifts for it. After the tsar’s detachment left the village, the tradition was continued by local youth, who dressed in costumes resembling military uniforms. There are usually seven such mummers, they were called “kings”. For three and a half centuries, more than one generation of “kings”has been raised here. Each “tsar” has his own role, but all, as one, in white suits, the shirt is tied with three Semezhev belts with traditional ornaments, the neck is decorated with a women’s scarf, and on the head – high hats with colorful ribbons. Ahead is the main character-Tsar Maximilian.