The building of the former barracks

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According to the Riga Peace Treaty in March 1921, Kletsk turned out to be a border town of the Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The old military barracks remind us of this. In 1924, the government of the Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth decided to create a Border Guard Corps (KOP) along the entire perimeter of the country. On average, there were 11 soldiers per 1 km of the protected border. One of the battalions was located in Kletsk. The massive, well-fortified barracks of the Border Guard Corps, designed by Tadeusz Nowakowski, were built under the leadership of Sigismund Vygonovsky. The headquarters building is well preserved, with former barracks located on both sides of it. Electricity was supplied to the barracks from Nesvizh, water supply was carried out. Service dogs helped to track down border violators and criminals in the Kletsk itself.