Valentina Minskaya

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Valentina Minskaya (nee Chernyavskaya, married Sulkovskaya) is the first person in the history of the Belarusian Orthodox Church to be canonized as a saint. She was born in 1888, grew up in the family of the rector of the church, studied at the Minsk Theological School. One day a woman appeared to her by the stream and said, ” Go and lie down.” Since then, Valentina could not get out of bed and spent 33 years, until her death. The first evidence of miracles performed by the blessed one dates back to the pre-war period. When my mother was confined to her bed by illness, people began to come to her for advice and help. She could see the past and the future, comforted people and helped them with prayer. Valentina Minskaya is buried in a cemetery near her native village of Koski, between the village of Krysovo and the M1 highway.