Palace and Park ensemble

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The town of Smilovichi at different times belonged to representatives of different families, including Oginsky, Monyushko, Vankovichi. The palace in Smilovichi appeared in the XVII century under the Oginskys. It was this building that served as the basis for the palace complex, which has partially survived to this day. In the first half of the XIX century, the military judge of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania troops Stanislav Monyushko began to build a new palace complex on the site of the old castle. At the same time, the homestead park was also laid. At the beginning of the XX century, when the estate already belonged to the Vankovichy, the neo-Gothic palace housed a winter garden. Here there was the archive where the documents of the representatives of several families who owned the Smilovichi were stored, a large library and an art gallery, in which a special place was occupied by the painting of Valenti Vankovich “Adam Mickiewicz on Mount Ayudag”. The palace complex was partially destroyed during the Second World War.